Run! Before Mendeley steals your data

A researcher opens his computer in the beginning of the day and thinks about reading a paper saved a few days ago in Mendeley. But no, it shows that you have to subscribe to view your papers. It’s:

  • papers that you downloaded;
  • papers that your peer researchers work for a year to publish;
  • papers that we pay to publish;
  • papers that we spend a lot of time to read and think.

Now it’s used by people which uses it to generate big money. And it’s used to build their data warehouse to get benefit from you.

Now it starts with encrypting the database on your computer. After Zotero, an alternative of Mendeley, starts to provide an importer for Mendeley. And Mendeley encrypts its database all of sudden. They claimed:

We have improved security for users accessing Mendeley Desktop on a shared machine

Do you have a choice to opt-out? NO!

Think about who owns the Mendeley these days. This starts with Mendeley v1.19. You only have limited amount of time to save your data. You could try Zotero. They provides the importer.

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