Bridging ICU with Ruby

Chinese Discourse users have more complains to the text problems. A community software induce users to read and write which certainly deals with texts. Numerous efforts are made along the way such as tokenizers for Chinese. Maintaining a project is not easy. One of feature request for Discourse is Unicode username. A core technical problem is visually confusing username. Discourse community may be in a multilingual community. This is certainly important to deal with. Although username is the core identify of the user representation. It’s more than Unicode.

Unicode is more than encoding

Nowadays, the average users don’t have to work with encodings generally and don’t need to know Unicode. Better software, better library and better understanding contributes a lot. The most basic operations we leant as an programmer is manipulating characters and strings. By writing the simplest hello world program in different scripts requires understanding encodings or relies on the programing language structure.

Hooray, Webhooks

Webhooks are “user-defined HTTP callbacks” brought by Jeff Lindsay. While it’s augmented for some time, it comes to my sight because of continuous integration like Travis CI at GitHub. Later, Slack made it fancy as every services could pop up messages in the channel as if I was in Enterprise bridge:

Ensuring the file uploaded by Refile

Refile is an neat and simple file upload library for Ruby applications. It can be easily to integrated into Rails app. Be advised, I am on its git version 6a25a24059.